Joining Pathfinder Society and Registering a Character on Paizo

I am going to start a weekly post explaining/advicing on different things in Pathfinder Society to include explaining rules in the guide and many other things related to Pathfinder Society. This week I will be going over how to join Pathfinder Society and register a character on Paizo.

Some of you have already done most of this, but a common problem with reporting games are characters not showing up for everyone to fix this you need to complete the process. For those that have finished some of it just follow from where you left off. For most of you it will be Step 7 and beyond.

1. First thing is to make an account on Paizo web page. You do so by selecting “Sign In” on the upper portion of the page.


2. Then you select “Create New Account”


3. Then you fill in the required blank fields, “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email Address”, “Retype Email Address”, ‘Choose a Password", “Retype Password”, and “Date of Birth”. “Gender” and “Messageboard Avatar Name” are optional, just know that if you don’t fill in the “Messageboard Avatar Name” the default will be your real name. Then you select “Create New Account”.


4. Once that is done you have now created a Paizo Account, now it is time to join Pathfinder Society on Paizo and register your Pathfinder Society Number or to receive one. You start this by going to the Pathfinder Society section on Paizo by selecting the Pathfinder Society Logo on the left side of the page.


5. Once in the Pathfinder Society section you select “Create a Character”.


6. This next section is where you can register your Pathfinder Society Number with a confirmation code if you have received a Pathfinder Society ID Number card or have Paizo select the next number available for you. Please use the card if you have received one. If you have lost the card please contact me so I can get a copy to you. If you have a card on the left you fill in your Pathfinder Society number then confirmation code and select “Join Pathfinder Society”. If you don’t have a card and never received one you just select “Join Pathfinder Society” on the right.


7. You have now joined Pathfinder Society on the Paizo page and have either registered your card or received a number from Paizo. Now it is time to register your character. Many of you have not done this yet or have not done it correctly. It is important you do this so when I report the games I can tell if your Pathfinder Society number is correct and the game is registered to the correct character. You start this be selecting “Register a New Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Character”.


8. In the next section you fill in the blank fields about your character. The only required fields are “Character Name” and “Faction”, all others are optional. By default the character name will have your name with a random number as seen in the image below. You need to delete that and fill in your character name. Some of you still have your name in this field, you can go back and edit this field to correct it. If you find that the full name of your character is used try playing around with the spelling.


9. If you wish to select a “Character Image” for your character you just select “Change” next to that field. This is what that screen looks like.


10. This is what this screen looks like with the fields all filled out.


11. Once you have the required fields filled out and the optional ones you want to fill out you select “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the screen.


12. You have now registered your character. From the Player tab of the screen you can now see your Pathfinder Society Number, a Link to download a card you can print out with your pathfinder Society number and your registered characters. The first character will have your pathfinder society number -1 and every character registered after that will be sequential after that.


Joining Pathfinder Society and Registering a Character on Paizo

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