Iron Gods


A Pathfinder Adventure Path for 2nd-17th level characters

Numeria has a long history of mystery and wonder buried under its rugged landscape, for on that one fateful night thousands of years ago, the Rain of Stars scarred the land. The fragmented remnants of a ship from beyond the stars fell from the sky, scattering strange technological ruins and deadly perils across the land. Today, these sites are feared by the barbaric tribes and coveted by the sinister spellcasters of the Technic League. Yet something worse than brutish berserker or super-science wizard has risen to power in these hidden technological halls. The Iron Gods are ready to make their presence known, and if they are not opposed by the region’s newest heroes, a scourge unlike any the Inner Sea has seen will arise! From small Numerian towns to strange technological ruins to the region’s infamous capital of Starfall—and perhaps beyond—the Iron Gods Adventure Path will take your heroes into places unlike any seen before in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Adventure Path Volumes include:

85 Fires of Creation Level 2-4
86 Lords of Rust Level 5-7
87 The Choking Tower Level 8-10
88 Valley of the Brain Collectors Level 11-13
89 Palace of Fallen Stars Level 13-15
90 The Divinity Drive Level 15-17

Iron Gods

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