Mummy's Mask


A Pathfinder Adventure Path for 1st-17th level characters

The ancient lands of Osirion are blanketed by the sands of time, and eldritch secrets and vast riches lay just beneath the sun-blistered surface. As modern Osirion opens its vaults and tombs to outsiders for the first time in centuries, many of these lost treasures and secrets are now emerging—some more troublesome than others. Hakotep I, a now-forgotten pharaoh, was robbed upon his burial. A secret sect took his heart and his funerary mask, both containing a portion of his soul. Betrayed the chance to pass on into the afterlife during his burial, Hakotep has existed in a state between life and death for millennia. The recent rediscovery of one of these lost soul fragments has allowed the trapped pharaoh to once again work in this world to redress the wrongs committed against him, and a cult worshipping him as a god-king grows in the heart of Osirion. Can a group of heroes brave terrible guardians, foul cults, and the burning sands of the desert to stop the rebirth of this ancient tyrant?

Adventure Path Volumes include:

79 The Half-Dead City Level 1-2
80 Empty Graves Level 4-6
81 Shifting Sands Level 7-9
82 Secrets of the Sphinx Level 10-12
83 The Slave Trenches of Hakotep Level 12-14
84 Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh Level 15-17

Mummy's Mask

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